Facility Rules

Use of Unit/Space and Prohibited Storage

The Unit/Space shall be used and occupied only for the storing of personal vehicle/vessel/ATV owned by Occupant.

Occupant shall keep the Unit/Space in a clean and sanitary condition and free of rubbish, liquid waste, or refuse.

Occupant may not allow anyone else to use the unit/space.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for the use or storage of:

Firearms or alcohol..

Any food.

Any living thing, animal feed/seed.

Explosives; highly flammable, dangerous, hazardous, or toxic materials or substances.

Gasoline or other fuel, oil, grease, or any other lubricant, tires or batteries, or any other accessories, except for such gas, oil, grease, or other lubricant that may be contained in the operating parts of the items stored.

No propane or empty propane canisters may be stored in the Unit/Space.

No gas canisters shall be stored in the Unit/Space.

No oxygen tanks or empty oxygen tanks shall be stored in the Unit/Space.

Noxious smelling items; items which emit a gas or odor when exposed to moisture; contraband or illegal substances; or for any unlawful purpose of any nature or kind.

Occupant shall not engage in any activity in the Unit/Space which produces or releases such prohibited materials.

Drugs or drug paraphernalia, Stolen items, any item deemed inappropriate by the Owner or staff, any item which detrimentally affects other Occupants or the Facility.

Occupant shall not use or allow the Unit/Space to be used for the release, storage, use, treatment, disposal, or other handling of any hazardous substance.

Occupant shall place a drip pan or absorbent pad designed to absorb petroleum products under the personal property to retain any leaking fluids. Occupant shall not live or sleep in the Unit/Space.

Living or sleeping in the Unit/Space/Facility will be grounds for immediate termination of this Rental Agreement by Owner.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for the operation of any business including industrial or manufacturing business.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for Garage sales, auctions, flea market sales or other public sales.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for Working in the Unit/Space; this includes working on cars, motorcycles, hobbies, crafting, etc.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for Any illegal use of any kind.

Occupant shall not use the Unit/Space for Any use deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff of the facility.

(The term “hazardous substance” means:   i. Any substance defined as a “hazardous substance” under CERCLA; ii. Petroleum, petroleum products, natural gas, natural gas liquids, liquefied natural gas and synthetic gas, and; iii. Any other substance or material deemed to be hazardous, dangerous, toxic, or a pollutant under any federal, state or local law, code, ordinance or regulation.)


Occupant must follow all procedures to enter the gate.

Occupant must use key fob at the keypad to enter the gate.

Occupant must wait for the gate to open completely before driving through the gate.

Be advised, the gate may close on, and/or damage a vehicle if more than 1 vehicle attempts to enter at a time. The owner shall not be held liable for this damage.

Occupant will be responsible to pay to Owner all costs incurred by Owner to repair any damage to the gate or fence due to Occupant or Occupant’s guests improper use or negligence.

Gate Hours are in place for safety and security reasons. 

The gate will be locked and alarms in place after access hours.

It is prohibited for anyone to be inside the facility after gate access hours as they will be locked inside and considered trespassing.